Panbesy medication is anorexigenic agent of central action, recommended for treatment of obesity in patients with body mass index over 25. Active substance of Panbesy diet pills is Phentermine, or a sympathomimetic amine.

Panbesy acts on the “satiety center” situated in hypothalamus, thereby suppressing signals of hunger. Weight loss with Panbesy diet pills is achieved due to reduced amount of food and increased energy consumption. Panbesy medication implies observance of complex treatment regimen, involving: change of lifestyle to more active and compliance with low-calorie diet.

The recommended daily dose of Panbesy for obesity treatment is 30mg. When weight loss is slower than needed, Panbesy dose has to be increased to 40mg. The average duration of obesity treatment course is 3 months. Usually patients manage to gain optimal result in weight loss. The recommended maintenance dose is Panbesy 15mg, it can be prescribed for daily application or with several days interval, depending on clinical picture.

Clinical efficiency of Panbesy medication

  • Panbesy medication helps a patient not to feel acute hunger attacks that are common when limiting your usual nutrition Due to this patient is able to keep a diet without discomfort either mental or physical.
  • Panbesy diet pills help to successfully modify eating behavior, since patient is not hungry, getting used to the limited dietary
  • Weight loss, caused by Panbesy diet pills, normalizes metabolism and improves the clinical picture of diabetes type
  • Panbesy tablets help to avoid chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, since excess weight is causative factor of these
  • Weight loss with the help of Panbesy helps patients to gain confidence and to achieve the desired goals in both the career and personal

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